Trail and bikepacking handlebars, a custom CNC stem, proprietary grips, and machined top caps, all engineered with the same precision and care that Marin is known for. Our introductory lineup of components that help make your bike your own.

Bear Hug Gear Mount

Need to carry a tube? Enduro banana? or a beer? Look no further


As spec'd on select Marin mountain bikes, our Trail Bar and Bedroll Bar are custom made to our exacting specifications, designed to provide the best experience while out on the trail.


Our Marin CNC stem is built for good looks and functionality, with a short 35mm length and a 35mm bar bore.


Our first pedal in over 25 years!


As one of the key contact points between the rider and bike, these comfort and performance-enhancing grips can help make your bike feel like a new ride.

Top Caps

Think of it as the cherry on the top of a sundae. The Marin Made For Fun CNC Top Caps are a great finishing piece for your sweet Marin bike.

New components are on their way

Fresh parts will be ready in the coming months, so be sure to check this page again (and again)!