Hello fellow Marin Bikes rider!

Are you awaiting delivery of your awesome new Marin bike, but feel like it’s taking longer than it should to get to you to start your two-wheeled adventures? We feel for you. It’s the season we should all be out on our bikes rolling into good times. But, this year, it’s harder than ever for us to meet the worldwide requests for bikes from our riders.

You’ve probably heard all the reasons on the news, but the honest truth is that global demand for many sporting goods, including bikes, is the highest it’s ever been. Raw material supply is really taxed, and many sources for bike parts are not able to work at full capacity due to lack of materials and continuing pandemic issues, making some critical components super challenging to get. Once we have the parts together and get these sweet bikes assembled, shipping channels are really slow and ports are backed up for various reasons, making it take even longer to get the bikes into our warehouses and out to our dealers. None of this makes us feel any better about you not being able to ride your new Marin bike today, but we can assure you we are working around the clock, all over this world, to get your bike ready for you and get it here as fast as we possibly can.

Looking forward to riding with you as soon as possible,

Aaron Abrams, Director of Product, Marin Bikes

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